Yesterday I went to Miyavi's LIVE in Barcelona. It was so cool! \(^o^)/ In the morning I went to the hall in order to get a number. This hall didn't want people to queue for many hours so they gave a number to each person and told us to come back later for the concert . I got number 44☆

There were many people queuing to get a good number. It rained a bit(><)I took this photo with Nuria and Ida and when I managed to get my number, I went to university. 
朝雨が少しふりました(><)ヌーリアちゃんとイダちゃんとこの写真を 撮って、番号をもらって、それから大学に行きました。

When I finished classes I went back home and I had lunch. Then my parents and I went to the concert hall. My mother came to see the concert with me (^O^)

In the afternoon I changed my outfit because creepers aren't very comfortable to go to a concert...><

I saw a lot of people but I didn't take so many photos. I'm sorry! orz I was happy to see you all! Anyway, I have this one with my friend Alba (^ω^) She lives so far away from Barcelona and I can't see her very often (;_;)

I also took a photo with Natsi

The concert itself was GREAT!

The last time Miyavi came to Spain, we asked him if he could sing "Señor Señora Señorita"and he sang it a little but he didn't sing the whole song because it was a petition from us to him and he hadn't practised it. Anyway, that time Miyavi told us that the next time he came to Spain he would sing it. So, yesterday he asked us "do you remember the promise?" and everyone was so exited and surpirsed!! I thought he wouldn't recall it but he did! So he sang for us "Señor Señora Señorita" \(*^O^*)/
2009のライブでみんなは「Señor Señora Señoritaを歌ってくださぁぁぁぁい!」と言いました。そしてMIYAVIさんは「次のライブでSeñor Señora Señoritaを歌いますよ☆約束です!」と言いました。

昨日ライブでMIYAVIさんは「約束を思い出しますか?」と言いました!!そしてSeñor Señora Señoritaを歌いました!すみんなはとっても嬉しかったです \(*^O^*)/

My mother and I were in the first row. We were so lucky because Miyavi jumped off the stage and he was very close to us! We touched his arm haha

He promised he would come back to Spain★

BOBO was a very good drummer!

Miyavi spoke about the disaster in Japan and we made 30 seconds of silence to pray for Japan. He said it had been hard to make the decision to go on the world tour (because his family is in Japan), but he also thought that he had taken a good decision. There was a donation box in the hall so I put some money there. My mother and friends as well.


  1. I wish I can see Miyavi live one day =)
    It seems like you had a nice day with your friends and family, and it makes me nyappy to read it. Thank you for that Sarah o(≧∀≦)o

  2. Does anyone know, why Teruki isn't writing in English on his Blog any more? :/ The last entrys are written in japanese, and I don't understand it :(

  3. GYAAAH You saw Miyavi already! I'll see him until April. I can't wait. (^^) I guess, your favorite sing by miyavi is Senor Senora Senorita? I like it a lot! It's really good, and one of my favorite songs. Did you buy anything there? If there were Miyavi stuff?

    Nyappy: I think, Teruki can't write his blog entries in English, because this The earthquake and tsunami. He can need some translater, and now He can't.. I think so, but we have to understand him in these times.

  4. Oh, haha.. I meant SONG, not sing.

  5. @Anonymous: He can't speak English? Ok. But I would love to know what he has written in the last few entries. Does anyone here speak japanese?

  6. -「夏♥さま」-→ Gràcies!! (*^ω^*)

    Nyappy→ I suppose that Teruki hasn't been writing in English because of the disaster. I think that writing in English is a big effort for him so, maybe he wasn't in he mood to translate his last entry (which was very long). That last entry was about the disaster in Japan and the other ones were about concert cancellations. Anyway, you should check his facebook because he wrote a message in English there (^_^)b

    Anonymous→I hope you enjoy his concert, too! (*^O^*) Yes, I like Señor Señora Señorita but I, in fact, I wrote about this song because in 2009 he told us that he would sing it the next time he would come. I think that it's awesome that he remembered that promise! I was pleasantly surprised! (^ω^)

  7. me alegro de que nos hayamos encontrado *O*! espero que la proxima vez podamos hablar mas ratito >3<!! un placer conocerte *-*! chuu ~

  8. サラちゃんの爪はとてもcuteですよ(*>ω<*)


  9. Linaa~
    Soy Miyuu, me he hecho 1 blog q uso así "en serio" XP nos afiliamos?? La url es: http://forbiddenplanetblog.blogspot.com
    había concierto de miyavi?? Q fort, no había oído nada :O!!
    He llorado mucho con lo de Japón, por suerte mis amigos de allí están bien al menos! He oído que ya están controlando lo de Fukushima. Whatever, pray for japan.

  10. ((*natsi*))→Sii, igualmente (^O^)! A la próxima hablamos más☆


    Miyu→Holaaa!! Qué bien que te hayas hecho blog! Pues sí, Miyavi vino a Barcelona por tercera vez. A ver si a la próxima te animas y vienes a verle, que sus conciertos siempre estan muy bien (*^-^*)
    Sí, la gente que yo conozco y la gente que quiero de Japón estan bien también pero igualmente he estado muy preocupada (y aún lo sigo estando) >_<


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