★New poster★

I got this photo the first time I went to Japan in 2009 but the second time this café wasn't there anymore. It was in Harajuku★


This week I got a birthday present from my friend Asscher, thank you very much!(^∀^) He had some problems to send it and that's why it has just arrived. He sent me a very nice letter and these things:

Some  pages of An Cafe from a magazine o(≧∀≦)o

and HIBIYA ON ☆the☆ o NEW sekai poster! I had always craved for it (*^▽^*)
そしてHIBIYA ON ☆ザ☆ 御NEW世界のポスターももらいました(*^▽^*)うれしかった!

It's very nice!

I didn't have enough room on the wall to put the poster but in the end, I could find some space left for it! I had to move some other posters, too (・ω・)b


The new poster is happy in my room haha★


  1. I have that hibiya poster too! lol im glad that you got one ^^ btw what do you use to hang your posters? i still havent been able to hang my poster up yet because i dont want to use thumbtacks(TωT)bye nyappy☆

  2. candyxholicxx → I use blu-tack to hung my paper posters. It's very useful but it can leave some little stains on the paper; especially during the summer because of the heat (>_<;)but it's the best thing I've found so far because the other stuff can damage the poster and the wall even more (>_<) I used thumbtacks to hung the two material posters I have.

  3. I'm REALLY jealous. That poster is rare, isn't it?
    It was in my favorite online shop a little while ago, but someone bought it! So, I was too slow to buy it. ;_; And now it's gone.
    Anyway, I'm happy, that you got it! Bye o(≧∀≦)o!

  4. I'm sooo jealous! You have very cute An Cafe posters.(*_*) Where did you get them?

  5. ooooooooooooooooh que macuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *O*


    No se si ho has vist, pero t'he manat al gmail les fotos del japan weekend :D

  6. Anonymous→ Yeah, I think that it's difficult to find (>_<). I really wanted this poster but I couldn't find it anywhere so when my friend Asscher told me that he would give it to me I was so happy. I hope you find it someday, too! o(≧∀≦)o

    Nyappy→ Most of them are from magazines and I bought the material ones in anime conventions. The Ryuusei Rocket and the Aroma ones are from their first and second concerts in Barcelona. I bought the Budokan poster in their LIVE there (in Nippon Budokan).The Hibiya poster and another one are presents from friends (^_^)

    Marina→ Ara ho he vist!! gràcies! o(*^-^*)o

  7. oh wow! you decorated so nicely! I have the hibiya poster too!

  8. RiA SPiRAL→ Thank you very much o(≧∀≦)o

  9. はい!ジャパンweekendのしゃしんを送ってください。

    (sí, envia'm les fotos del japan please *O*)

    Per cert! Demà em perdo antropologia ;O; em podras passar el apunts???

  10. Marina→ わかりました!もう写真を送りました(・ω・)b
    Sii, ja et passaré els apunts (^-^)

  11. サラちゃんの部屋はANCAFEの6人が住んでいますねo(≧∀≦)o

  12. 濱っ輝→ありがとございますo(≧∀≦)o部屋はニャッピーです☆

  13. I only have few posters of An Cafe and your room is full of them Σ(`・ω・´;) what the he- ?? xD
    just kidding~
    I love this Hibiya poster♪

  14. Owwwh you have such a cute room *__*
    I also have a lot of posters on my wall XD
    It's very interesting to see other people walls XD

  15. ♪ Aya→hahaha, the room looks nyappy, doesn't it! (・∀・)
    ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~ → Thank you! (^O^) Yeah, I also like seeing other people's walls haha☆

  16. @Sarah: You are welcome and also thank to you, that you are watching my Blog too *-* that makes me happy <3
    I also have some posters with An Cafe *-* I love them so much~


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