Pray for Japan

I suppose that all of you know what has happened in Japan. It's so horrible. Since I got up on Friday I've been cheking tweets from Japan, reading blogs about it and watching the news on TV. I just feel that it's stupid to write about anything else but the earthquake and it's consequences now.

All the people that I love and know who live in Japan are safe. That makes me feel better but I'm still very sad. I'm also praying for Japan. Ganbare Nippon!




  1. I've done exactly the same as you Sarah (>_<)
    I'm thinking of my friends who are living there... I got replies from most of them but from a few still nothing ( ´△`)

    It also frustrates me that I can't do anything except of watching Japanese TV and keeping up with all the news
    I'm really worried about all the people there ...(・ω・`)
    But as you said 頑張れ日本!
    Pray for Japan

  2. Te comprendo a la perfección Sarah , todos deben orar por Japón , ellos son fuertes , sabrán salir adelante.

    Pray for Japan (^__^)!!!

  3. I'm so sad and frustrate for the situation of Japan. All my friends feel the same like me.
    I wish the better for Japan... :)

    P.D.: You have won a "prize" in my blog =)

  4. ♪ Aya→Yes, let's pray for Japan! I hope they'll get better soon (>_<)
    Kyo Tsukiyama→Sí, eso espero! Recemos por Japón (>_<)
    Ebichu→Yes, it's so horrible (>_<)! Let's pray for Japan. Thank you for the prize!!

  5. What about the An Cafe and Red Cafe members? Are they ok? Do you know anything? (>_<)

  6. Anonymous→ Yes, I said that the people I love are ok, so that includes An Cafe, of course (^_^) Red Cafe members that have Twitter are ok, too (and I suppose that the other ones are also safe). Anyway, you can find all this information on Twitter.


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