☆VIP tickets☆

This week VIP tickets for kanon×kanon were sold and I could get mine!!(*`・v・´*) So happy!!(*´∀`*) In fact there are only 10 VIP tickets for each concert so I was very lucky to buy them before they got sold out. I already said so but I'm going to the London show! It seems that with the VIP tickets I'm going to be able to meet kanon×kanon in a Tea Party where snacks and drinks will be served and I will also receive some kind of present. Moreover, people with VIP tickets are going to get an early enter to the concert hall. Seriously, I can't wait!!(*>ω<*)
今週kanon×kanonのVIPチケットを買ったよ!!(*`・v・´*)めっちゃ嬉しい(*´∀`*)実はロンドンのライブのためにVIPチケットは10しかなかった。それで早くSOLD OUTになったけど、あたしはVIPチケットが買えたよ!やった!VIPチケットを買った人はティーパーティーに行ったり、kanon×kanonと会ったりします。それに早くライブハウスに入れる☆本当に楽しみにしてます!(*>ω<*)


Here I leave some photos of last Sunday, when my mother and I went to McDonalds (^ω^)


  1. Yay I'm so happy for you that you could get VIP tickets!! Wow, I think 10 are still quite much (笑) I don't think that many people will buy a VIP ticket for the live in Holland ☆
    Eventhough I don't eat meat I've got to say it looks delicious! I've heard that they recently released a vegetarian burger at McDonalds \(^_^)/
    Your outfit is so cute! I love socks like that with lace (*>ω<*)

  2. buaaah que hambre me entra!!!!!!! >.<
    Ara mateix no em menjaria una hamburguesa (son les 23.08) pero es gula pura i dura XD

  3. wa k genial felicitats *_*
    k maca vas, et favoreix molt el rosa =D!

  4. Vip ticket?!そんなのがあるのか~
    イイネ!sounds great!
    楽しんできてね(^3^)♪<Have fun!!

    I want to eat burger(笑)

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  6. You are possibly the luckiest girl alive~~
    I hope you have fun!!!☆

  7. No problem!!
    thank you for following me back <3

  8. :) Hehe thanks for following me~

    I'm happy for you that you got VIP tickets to the concert ~ have a great time when you're there =)!! Tea partyyyy~ sounds so fun :3

  9. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog ^^

  10. Yuzu→Thank you! I'm happy you could get VIP tickets for Holland, too o(≧∀≦)o

    Marina→Jajaja, es que estan molt bones \(^o^)/

    ((*natsi*))→Moltes gràcies!! (*^ω^*)


    Nana Tsukiyama→Thank you!! ♪♪(*^ω^*)

    LOVE LIGHT→Thanks!! ☆(o^∇^o)

    Béné→You're welcome (^∀^)


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