The first time I went to Japan in 2009 I ate sushi in a restaurant that is on the highest floor of one of the OIOI (marui) buildings. It was very good so I usually go back to this restaurant when I go to Japan. So I've been there 3 times. The menu I ate is really interesting. There's a list with a lot of different types of sushi and you can choose 12 of them. The omelette nigiri sushi and the temakusushi (the one that looks like an ice cream) are already included. Tap water, a cup of green tea and a miso soup are also part of this menu. So, as you can see is a very good meal!(*´∀`*) These are the sushi I chose!☆

I also want to show you the things I got from Listen Flavor this summer (o^−^o) I've already worn these T-shirst several times so you may have already seen them but I here are some best pictures of them. In fact they were on sale so I bought them for a very reasonable price!(☆▽☆) The shop assistant was very nice. She got surprised because I was wearing a 3rd Aniversary T-shirt of the brand that I had bought in 2009. Well, these are the T-shirts I got this summer☆
今年の夏休みにListen Flavorで買ったTシャツを見せたい☆値段はあまり高くなかった。よかった(☆▽☆)もう何回もこのTシャツを着たことある。それで多分、このブログを読む人はもう見たことあるね?☆夏休みにお店に行ったら、あたしが2009年にListen Flavorで買ったTシャツを着たから、店員はびっくりした(o^−^o)店員は親切だったよ☆

I also got this fan and this postcard for free!(*・▽・*)

To conclude, these are some photos of recent outfits!☆


  1. Que hambre me acaba de entrar por Dios!

    Las camisetas son adorables

  2. a que maca estas amb el monyo!! *O*
    son super mones les samarretes ! >3<

  3. OMG where have you bought that poop-shirt? It's absolutely ADORABLE!! >w<) ~<3

  4. I've eaten sushi last weekend too and it was soooo delicious *___*
    And after that I've eaten backed banana *___*
    I wanna eat it again ;___;

    Owwwh your dresses are so cute <3 I love your outfits a lot!

  5. The sushi looks truly delicious! It's been too long since I've eaten sushi for the last time (*>_<*)
    I love the shirts you got from Listen Flavor eventhough I'd already seen them ☆
    Hopefully I can buy some LF shirts too this winter from CDJapan but I'm not sure if their sizes will fit me (´へ`;)
    I love your outfits! They're so cute ★

  6. MissVermilion→Jaja gracias!!(^∇^)

    ((*natsi*))→Gràcies!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

    Anonymous→It's from Pull&Bear (o^∇^o)

    ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→Thank you☆ I like sushi very much, too! It's delicious! (´∀`*)

    Yuzu→These Llsten Flavor T-shirts are bigger than the ones they used to sell in the past. Anyway, maybe they will sell small T-shirts again in the future(?) I don't know (>_<)

  7. Holaaaaa!!!
    Oh! sushi!!! fíjate que noe s de mis platos predilectos, me gusta eh?
    pero me gusta más la carne, no me digas pro qué.
    Pero me gusta ir alguna sveces a restaurantes de sushi.
    Suelo ir a los que pasan por una cinta y tu vas cogiendo el plato que tú quieres, de esos, pero con el sushi tengo un problema, tengo al boca pqueña y muchas veces necesito partilos a la mitad, cuando lo hago yo (notese que uso palillos XD) hago unas cochinadas...XD
    cuando no me mira nadie los eparo con la mano rápidamente XD
    La ropa, como siempre, me mola mucho, sobre todo la que parece como la rosa.

  8. Sandra→A mi también me gusta la carne pero el sushi también me encanta! jaja (^∇^) Sí, es mejor comerse el sushi todo de golpe. Si lo intentas partir se destroza (^o^;) jajaja

  9. Actually it's fine if the sizes are bigger than before because I'm really afraid the LF shirts will be too small for me. Especially because they have such small busts! (笑)
    I'll think I'll order some shirts of them this weekend. Thanks for the info ★


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