I bought these T-shirts. There were 4 models of Dr.Slump T-shirts at the shop and I decided to get these two. The other ones were also nice but these were my favourite ones! Do you know Dr.Slump? (・ω・) I watched  this anime when I was little and then I also watched the remake. The illustrations of these T-shirts are from the "original anime", the first one.


Some days ago I did my nails and this is how they turned out!('∇'*)

However, then one of my nails hot broken (´∩`。) so I used one of my new plasters (*゚ω゚*) They are so cute, aren't they?(*^ω^*)

Bye bye!(・ω・*)ノシ


  1. Omg XDDDD memories of my childhood comes back >////<
    Araleeee~ I loved Dr. Slump XDD It was so funny to watch XD
    Oh and I LOVE the outfits you worn *___* the are sooo pretty and cute <3

  2. I don't know Dr. Slump (>_<) Shame on me, haha.
    Anyway, I like the shirts (*^-')/
    Your outfit is so great! I especially love the bag and cardigan/hoodie ☆

  3. Que chulos los oufits!:D
    Ayyy yo quiero la camiseta de la caca xDD Tengo que ir a ver si la talla de chico me va y a comprarla :3
    Que churrada y que bonito el nail art, la parte de las estrellas es genial *-*

  4. You outfit is great like always. ☆★ And you're so good at doing nails, I'm bad at this. (笑)

  5. Hola!!
    antes de nada...esa tirita es amor jajajaja
    me encantan tus uñas, qué largas!!
    no te molestan? supongo que es cuestión de acostumbrarse.
    De todas als camisetas me gusta la primera jajaja me parece muy simpática.
    Y las fotos tuyas, sales muy bien, me gusta tu ropa.
    La verdad, el segundo tofu no lo probé, creo...
    tuve bastante con el mío, pero creo que sabían iguales, no lo sé XD jo...me he arrepentido de no probarlo XD

  6. Hola! Vengo desde el Blog de Sandra y he de decir que esas camisetas del Dr. Slump son lo mejor que he visto en mucho tiempo xD~~

    Te sigo :)!!

  7. Great outfit!
    You did such a good job with your nails, I love the colors you used. I especially like the one with the stars.

  8. ala que genials les samarretes ^^! i que maques les tirites *__*!

  9. ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→Thank you! Dr.Slump was a good anime, wasn’t it? (*^O^*)

    Béné→Thank you!! (*^▽^*)

    Yuzu→Thank you! (*^▽^*)

    Hime_Ichigo→Muchas gracias! En la tienda había varias tallas de cada modelo. Son de chico pero yo las compré igualmente jaja ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    カロリナ→Thank you very much!! (*´∀`)

    Sandra→Gracias!! Jajaja, quizá a la próxima puedes probar ese tofu (*^ω^*)

    CoviSs→Muchas gracias!! Las camisetas las compré en Pull&Bear (・∀・)

    Kerous→Thank you very much!! (*^ω^*)

    ((*natsi*))→Gràcies!! (o^∇^o)


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