Several things!☆

I have some free time now because tomorrow it's a holiday day so I don't have to get up as early as an ordinary day☆

Recently I've been drinking a lot of matcha latte. It's so good!! However, the matcha powder that I got in Japan will be over soon, oh no (;_;)

Last week Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi 2 started。:+.゜ヽ(*′ω`)ノ゙。:+.゜ I was really looking forward to it!!(*≧∇≦*) I watched the first part and I really like it. Do you like this anime?? It's about 3 different love stories among manga editors, mangaka and also a shop assistant of a manga shop. I can't decide which  my favorite couple is, I like all of them haha ( ´ ▽ ` ) By the way, it's a BL anime☆
先週「世界一初恋2」は始めた。:+.゜ヽ(*′ω`)ノ゙。:+.゜本当に楽しみにしていた(*≧∇≦*)みなさん、このBLアニメを知ってますの?☆やっぱり話題は愛ですね( ´ ▽ ` )色んなカップルは出る。キャラのみんなはマンガ業界で働く。編集者や漫画家やマンガ屋の店員はいる☆

Some days ago I took a photo of all my bands towels. 2 of An Cafe and 1 of Spyralcall. I like them!(*・∀・*) Do you have band towels?(・ω・)

Some time ago I started listening to a Korean band called Daikoku Danji or The Boss. My friend Yukirun likes this band so I watched some of their MVs on Youtube and I like them♪♪ I don't know lots of things about them but I like the songs I have heard from them(´▽`) They are fresh and happy. They have several pieces in Japanese.

Well, take care everybody! Let's do our best every day, ok? Bye nyappy!o(≧∀≦)o
みんな、気をつけて〜☆毎日頑張りましょうね!Bye nyappy!o(≧∀≦)o


  1. 真ん中のタオル持ってるよ(*´ω`*)

  2. Oh I love both of your outfits, they're so cute and cool o(≧∀≦)o
    The matcha tea looks delicious! I sometimes drink matcha tea that I bought at an Asian store but it's not as good as the real one (>_<)
    I haven't seen this anime yet. In fact, I don't have time to watch anime now because of school (´・ω・`)
    The An Cafe towels are great! I'm still looking for their towels on the Internet but it's hard to find them, especially the Budokan one! orz
    Oh this band seems great! I'll listen to them soon ☆
    Enjoy your day off (*^0^*)

  3. que maca m'agrada molt la ultima foto !^^

  4. I don't know matcha tea but it looks interesting XD
    I wanna taste it too one day :3
    We only have "chai latte" this taste very great too like rubbish and vanilla *__* a bit like christmas~
    owwh and I also have some towels from Mix Speaker's Inc and Serial Number but sadly no towel from An Cafe D:
    Maybe I will get one sometime too? :D
    So have a nice day*-*

  5. que lindas towels *-*
    siempre tuve curiosidad por probar cosas de matcha .

    omo empezaste a escuchar coreanos? jejeje
    the boss son geniales *-* y ese tema me encanta


  6. Hola! muchas gracias por participar! eres muy bien recibida ^^
    ;O sabes que tenemos la misma lámpara de escritorio? pero el reborde de la mía es azul turquesa! cuántas cosas en común! he cotilleado un poquito tu blog y me gusta mucho tu estilo ^^

    te deseo suerte en la tontada del giveaway :)

  7. Atsumi→そうですか(*^∀^*)BondSのタオルは素敵ですね☆

    Yuzu→Thanks! I'm also busy because of university but I really like Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi so I watch it haha (^∀^) Yes, BondS towels are difficult to find (;;)

    ((*natsi*))→Gràcies!! (o^∇^o)

    Sumiko Saito→Gracias! Pues no escucho muchos grupos coreanos pero algunos sí que me gustan (^^)

    Aimi→Gracias! Woo, no se si existen más lámparas como las nuestras pero con rebordes de otros colores(?) jaja (^^)

  8. ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→Matcha latte is very good! I hope you can drink it one day (^^)

  9. Kisa con Yukina son mi pareja favorita también !


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