This week my mother and I went to Barcelona (again) haha (‘ ∇‘ )
今週もう一度母とバルセロナに行った(‘ ∇‘ )

I bought this chocolate lollipop. It was very nice and yummy! (*′ω`)

We had lunch at UDON. I ate tempura udon. I think it has become my favourite dish at this restaurant. I used to eat tofu soba when I went to UDON but now I prefer udon noodles than the thinner ones. What type of noodles do you like the most?☆

I also bought Hello Kitty moulds in a shop where there were a lot of tools to make nice cakes, candy and chocolates+。:.ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚+。:.There were different kind of moulds, dishes to expose cupcakes, colorant, toppings...☆ When I saw all those things, Japan's Valentine Day came to my mind o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o Everything in that shop was so cute but also rather expensive orz! I would have liked to buy a lot of things but I could only afford one item so I decided to get these moulds (^-^*)

Later my mother and I made chocolates at home! We used black chocolate and white one. We mixed the white one with matcha so it turned green. I have to say that we made very tasty chocolates and I believe they look cute (v゚ー゚)ハ(゚▽゚v)


This week I got a reply from Teruki and he retweeted one of my tweets on Twitter!!(*´∀`*) I'm very happy! It all started when I saw a picture on the Internet of a high school that is like the one that appears on K-ON anime. In fact, it was a picture of the turtle made of wood that the girls of K-ON touch when they go to the music club!★ Here you can see the photo I found on the Internet and the anime version  ↓

Teruki said "uwaaaaaaa" when he saw the photo (●´艸`) hahaha so cute☆


Bye bye (*’∀’*)/☆


  1. I love your creepers! ♥ ♥ ♥(*∀*)

  2. uaaaa jo vull probar el tempura udon!! i que bonics que han sortit els xocolates! ;___; ploro... xD averem si podem quedar aviat!^^

  3. I've never eaten a lollipop like this, but it looks very tasty!
    The tempura udon looks very tasty! I've never had tempura, but I really like shrimps (it usually contains shrimps or prawns, doesn't it? >_<)! I also prefer udon noodles~
    The moulds are so cute and the chocolate looks delicious! o(≧∀≦)o
    Now I understand why you told him about this picture, haha. Again, congrats! ☆

  4. Love the Sanrio Molds <3 so kawaii!!!
    and the pinku creepers! *__* LOVE!!!

  5. Momickey→Thanks!! (^ω^)

    mariona→Sí!! Hem de quedar (*^O^*)

    nyappyyuzu→Thanks! Yes, it usually contains prawns and vegetables o(^-^)o It's very tasty☆

    Hibiki Hime→Thank you!! (^O^)

  6. Hello <3
    I will a chocolate lollipop, too! <333 *-*
    yummy ! ^///^
    I love all types of noodles. YUMMY! noodlesholic. (hihi)
    Do you know noodles with chees? AWW! so delicious. ♥
    I'm so glad for you, because Teruki retweeted of your tweets on Twitter. <3

  7. ♥CandyDoll♥☆♪→Thanks!! I've never eaten noodles with cheese (>_<) Are they tasty? o(^-^)o

  8. Buaaa quina pinta la piruleta de xocolata *_________* dkopsjpdjsjd

    i els bombons de la Hello Kitty *_____*

    tinc ganes de veure't os`pkdopsdjs ;__________;


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