Hello nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

Yesterday I went shopping with my mother☆We bought food! (^∀^) I also bought a pair of shorts. They are cute(´ω`*) I think they will look nice with sweet accessories and cute T-shirts☆

I did my nails again★ This time I only used black nail polish and stickers, so it was very easy to do! (*´∇`*♫)However, I think I will do my nails again soon because the stickers don't look very good anymore (^ω^;)

Today I saw a live video of kanon×kanon on Nico Nico but they didn't appear on it (´・ω・`) I could hear their voices but I could only see their characters. It was interesting but I wanted to see them! (ノω・、) Especially Kanon♂ orz! Anyway, it was nice (・ω・)

Bye nyappy!o(≧∀≦)ノシ


  1. quina monada de pantaloons *__* són molt del teu estiiil ^^

    un petonààs!!

  2. You bought very cute shorts and your nails look very cute! ☆ミ I love the Sex Pot wristband you're wearing ♥
    I wanted to watch this live video of kanon×kanon too, but I was at school so I couldn't watch it orz
    Your outfit is cute as always (´・ω・`)ノ

  3. es que ho dic cada cop pero ets una monada!! els pantalons curts m'agraden moltissim, segur que et queden molt be^^ i les ungles tambe, encara que siguin molt simples. jo me les estic pintan ara pel diumenge xD fins aviat~~

  4. Aww, atleast you were able to hear them. :DD
    Once again you have such a cute outfit and hopefully it isn't tiring that I keep saying it. xD its true! Loving your nails, your hand accessories and your new pair of shorts!

  5. Nuriko→Gràcies!!! (*^ω^*)

    nyappyyuzu→Thanks!! Oh, were you at school at that time? What a pity (>_<) I hope Kanon♂ does a ustream soon o(≧∀≦)o

    mariona→Gràcies mestressa! (;o;) jaja! Jo me les vull tornar a pintar per diumenge jaja. Les teves ungles sempre són guays!

    P o o p e r→Thanks!! You're always very kind (;ω;) I like your style, too o(≧∀≦)o

  6. Aww~
    your Outfit is so cool. <3 And I love your
    T-shirt from An Cafe ♥o(≧∀≦)o

    Your new short is so cute. ^o^~

    I think your nails looks so good. ^o^~ <3


  7. ♥CandyDoll♥☆♪→Thank you!! I bought that T-shirt in their second concert in Barcelona (^ω^)

  8. 私もkanon×kanon本人が見たかったです(>_<)


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