Hello, how are you? ☆ Since last update a lot of good things have happened (^∀^) For example, my grandfather has been discharged from the hospital, so I’m happy (^^) Health is very important, isn’t it? If you have good health, you can do anything! So, everyone, take care, please o(≧∀≦)o 

 This is how I did my nails ☆

 Tomorrow I’m going to an event with some friends. I’m looking forward to it (´∇`)♪


  1. ネイル可愛いです!

  2. Happy to hear about your grandfather :)
    Aww, you have soo cute nails and differents outfits ^_^

  3. Also glad to hear about your grandfather, family is important :) cute shoes!

  4. I'm glad to hear your grandfather is doing better now (^∇^)♪
    All your outfits are very cute☆ Your nails look nice, too!
    I hope you have fun at the event tomorrow (*´∀`*)

  5. I'm glad everything is ok (・∀・)
    And I must say, your hair is really nice! And so long!
    Have fun!☆

  6. Hola!!
    si no me equivoco dices que tu abuelo salió ya del hospital no?
    pues me alegro por ti ^^
    la salud es algo muy importante.
    Y cambiando de tema me gusta en la foto con la ropa de negro, creo que te queda muy bien.
    Lo de la uña del lazo lo hiciste con konad? te queda muy mono en cualquier caso.
    Y la bandeja de mochis sólo se me cayó cuando quedaba uno, el rugoso y por zafia y no haberme dado cuneta de lo de la hoja.

    Buen fin de semana =D

    1. Muchas gracias! (^∀^)
      Sí, el lazo lo hice con konad☆
      Al menos te pudiste comer los otros mochi, qué bien!! o(^-^)o
      Buen fin de semana!! \(^o^)/

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  8. I love your blog. You are so positive person and amazing cafekko ^^

    1. Thank you!!☆ I also like your blog o(≧∀≦)o

  9. I'm always amazed to see how many things you do! You have great outfits, yo can do your nails cutely and you're always out having fun with friends!! Your life looks really interesting!
    Eitherway, I'd like to know this YUMCHA place. How did you get there? I'd like to know how to arrive to that place!

    1. Thank you very much!! You're very kind and nice (´▽`)
      YUMCHA is in a little street called "Carrer de la Palla".
      Do you know the Japanese shop "Nunoya"? Both of them are in the same street!☆
      Moreover, it seems that they have a Facebook page (^o^)→ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yumcha/211061718986660


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