★A trilogy of Harajuku 2/3★

Today I'll show you my 2 CDs of the trilogy of Harajuku. An Cafe released this trilogy that is formed by Tekesuta Kousen, Escapism and Merry Making. I only need Tekesuta Kousen to complete the trilogy★!

I have to say that these CDs have one of the most beautiful designs of all An Cafe CDs. I like them very much \(*^-^*)/

As I said, they form a trilogy. If you have all of them, you'll read "An Cafe" when you keep them together (*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)

This is Escapism. The CD itself is like a watermelon haha (^∀^)

And this is Merry Making. In this case, the CD is like a pinapple! (′∀`)


  1. perquè sempre tens coses guays que explicar? XDDDDD

    m'encantaa, soc fan de la cíndria

  2. Oh, these are really cool.
    Is higher up the poster?


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