Today I drew a new picture~~ (*´∀`)


Do you like matcha sweets and cakes? I really like them (*´`*)! Matcha flavour is so good. I like matcha ice creams, mochi... This is a matcha muffin that was bought in a Japanese bakery in Barcelona. It's difficult to buy this kind of food in Spain but it's very easy to find it in Japan★!


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  1. Aww, you're so good at drawing ; D
    I wanna be good too :c haha

    Aw, can't find food like that in Norway T_T
    Norway is such a boring country :((

  2. Hehe, I like your summery photo. The ice cream looks good!

    I agree with you Matcha is so yummy, I love it too^^ The muffin is an interesting shape!

  3. oooh, I know a shop here in Barcelona that sells that sort of things ^^
    It's called Ochiai and it's a japanese branded bakery ^^
    The boss of this bakery is Japanese and it's famous for being one of the best japanese bakers.
    Here you have the web: http://www.ochiaipastisseria.com/home.htm

    Hope I helped~~

    PS: I've seen that you've wrote matcha, motchi... Japanese words doesn't have a "t" before a "c", so it'll be macha, mochi... ^^

  4. Laia, me la apunto!!!!!!! a mi si que me sirve muchas gracias! Sarah, tiene buena pinta, ese no lo probe en japon >__< cuando vaya a barna para vamps iré a la pasteleria y lo compraré ^^

  5. thx for the link!

    that's a cute pic indeed☆
    this matcha, macha, mochi whatever (XD) muffin must have been really yummy! the inside is green, haha cool (*´∀`)ノ


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