Cat Street and ニコ生

Last August when I went to Japan, I got these photos at Cat Street ☆º°˚*☆
今年の8月に日本に行ったとき、Cat Streetでこの写真を撮った☆º°˚*☆

↓It looks like I’m sleeping ZZzz…(。-ω-)hahahaha

I found this shop of funny stickers and I took these photos o(*´∀`)o
面白いステッカーのお店を見つけて、 写真を撮ったo(*´∀`)o


Last Friday I saw An Cafe nico nama ☆ First, they showed PVs and concert videos and then members appeared o(≧∀≦)o It was great! ♪ I tried to take some photos \(^ω^)/


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    1. Gracias!! *.。(๑・∀・๑)*.。

  2. Hola!!

    Me encantan ese tipo de calles asi ^^
    y estoy de acuerdo con el comentario de arriba, tu peelo es muy laaargo, yo quiero que el mio crezca mas!

    1. Hola!!!

      Son calles muy interesantes, verdad? ☆
      Gracias!! (∩╹∀╹∩)

  3. ¿En serio? ¿Una Cat street? *^* Es que me muero de amor >_<
    Las pegatinas son preciosas >w< Tengo que estudiar más kanjis, muchos más óuò

    1. Sí, se llama así esta calle haha ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.
      Suerte con los kanji!! Yo también los voy estudiando ♪

  4. So I wonder when Kanon is going to officially announce he is getting married..He's making a statement with his "Sanos Bride/Wife" badge, his pink heart icon and the song "Tsuki ni murakumo hana ni kaze" . You're a big fan Sarah, it must be obvious to you, what do you think?

    1. All the member's badges are like that ꒰。•ॢ◡-ॢ。꒱
      For example, Teruki's one says "Nagata's favourite" and Miku's one says "Tsukiyama's lover" ♪ That heart is the design of his bass picks☆
      I strongly believe that all these things have nothing to do with Kanon's private life. Maybe he's single or maybe he's with someone but I don't think you can guess it from a badge or the other things you said (*´◕ω◕`*)

    2. ...And yes, the pink heart design is bass pick design--but inspired by love. Just saying. ;-)

  5. Sarah, I don't have to guess because I know. I was curious though if all the other subtle hints besides the few I mentioned were picked up on by die hard fans such as yourself. I see that at least not by you, of course unless you hate the idea of his getting married. I really wouldn't dismiss the pink heart & badge though, especially for someone like Kanon. Thank you for your thoughts! Have a nice day!


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