SUMMER DIVE -Part 4- o(≧∀≦)o

This is the last part of my Summer Dive report! Please, also read the other parts if you want to o(≧∀≦)o

In the morning of the 9th September, I met Sayuri at Hachiko. The previous day Hamatteru had told us that An Cafe’s car had been seen getting into the hall through to entrance of Shibuya so we decided to meet there. Then, we went to the hall and we met Moemi there but as I thought we didn’t see the car hahaha(^o^;;) However, I had a nice time talking to Sayuri about several things! (^▽^)

Then my mother and I went to Takeshita and as it was midday we decided to have lunch (。’▽’。) We ate these delicious pancakes ☆

After that, we returned to the hall and we sat there. There were lots of cafekko☆All of them looked very cool and cute! o(≧∀≦)o

While we were sitting there I saw a man and a woman from far away (/・0・)…….. They were Ryu and Mitsuki (Dragon honey)!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^O^)/\(^O^)/\(^O^)/\(^O^)/ Cafekko, you know them, don’t you? Ryu was the director of Kanon’s “Pinky☆Distortion” and Mitsuki created the scenario of this game. After Budokan concert, An Cafe members started to use twitter and also Ryu and Mitsuki, so I followed them. Since that moment, I’ve been talking to them, especially to Ryu. I’m sure you know who I am talking about because I’ve written about him on this blog before (。・ω・。)♪I was very happy to meet them!!! (´∀`)
座っていたときに、遠くから男の人と女の人を見かけた(/・0・)…….. リュウさんと美月さん(Dragon honey)だった!!!!!!\(^O^)/\(^O^)/\(^O^)/\(^O^)/カフェっ仔さん、リュウさんと美月さんを知ってるでしょう?カノンさんのゲームのPinky☆Distortionを知ってるでしょう? リュウさんはディレクターだった。そして美月さんはシナリオを作った。日本武道館のライブの後で、アンカフェのメンバーはツイッターを初めたので、私もツイッターをやり始めた。それからリュウさんと美月さんのツイッターのアカウントを見つけて、 フォローした。あの時から、 リュウさんと美月さんとツイッターで話している。特にリュウさんと。このブログを読む人がきっとリュウさんの事を知ってると思う。ブログにリュウさんについて書いたことがあるんですから(。・ω・。)♪サマダイで会えて、とても幸せだった (´∀`)

We had this photo taken together (*^ω^*)

I got a very yummy candy from Mitsuki ♪ Thank you!! (*^ω^*) Also, Ryu gave me some CDs of SKE48!!! I was so happy!!!! (*^O^*) Thank you very much!!! ☆ Thanks to Ryu I’ve become to like SKE’s music♪

My shelves aren't very big so I usually only put my An Cafe CDs on them (because it's my favourite band). However, as these CDs were presents from Ryu, I also put them there! (*^ω^*)

Ryu and Mitsuki signed this flyer for me☆ Thank you! \(^O^)/ In fact, it’s a flyer I got at Budokan concert hahaha!! Destiny is curious, isn’t it?

I also met Ana! I was glad to see her o(≧∀≦)o We are both from Spain but we’ve only met in Japan haha

I was very happy to meet Arisa, too!! o(≧∀≦)o

I was very glad to meet Mocope and her daughter, too ☆ Both, Arisa and Mecope can speak Spanish! (^O^) I also met Sakurai! (^_^) There were a lot of people that I could meet on both days, too! 

The concert was pure awesomeness!!! o(≧∀≦)o They repeated some songs that they had played the previous day but they also played new songs. In the beginning, everyone thought that An Cafe would appear from the back as the previous day but they appeared from the front hahaha! They got on the catwalk to go to the stage. On this day, we were next to the catwalk, in the 9th row. So when they got on it, I could “hi 5” with Takuya! o(≧∀≦)o Really, it was a very good live! An Cafe is the best!!!!!!!!! o(≧∀≦)o
9日のライブもとても楽しかったよ!!!o(≧∀≦)o8日にやった曲があった。8日にやらなかった曲もあった。ライブは始まったとき、みんなは後ろを見ていた。8日にメンバーは後ろから出た。でも9日にステージから出たww! 9日に私達はアリーナ9列目にいた。花道の側にいたので、メンバーは花道に上がったとき、takuyaさんとハイタッチできたo(≧∀≦)o!!とっても楽しいライブだったよ!!アンカフェは本当に最高です!!!!!!!!o(≧∀≦)o

After the concert, I met Spyralcall members ☆ I was happy to know that they remembered me (*´∀`*)

Everyone, thank you very much for those two days!!! I was more than happy (●´∀`●) I love you all !!!!!!!!!!!! o(≧∀≦)o


  1. awesome!!
    i'm happy for you you could participate!!

    i met a japanese friend yesterday, ill blog later

  2. 全部読みましたo(≧∀≦)oめっちゃ素晴らしいブログだった!!!
    そしてアンカフェは最高ですね゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜



    1. ありがとうございます!!!o(≧∀≦)o
      いつかまた会おうね( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Japan! And got to meet all those special people to you! These entries were really interesting to read, and I hope you can go back to Japan and also go to more live concerts of AnCafe C:

    1. Thank you very much!!☆
      Even though this is the last entry about Summer Dive, I still have a lot of things to write about this trip (^o^)
      Yeah!! I hope I can go to Japan again and to more An Cafe concerts☆ Also, I hope I can meet all these friends again in a near future! o(≧∀≦)o

  4. Awesome o(≧∀≦)o
    i'm glad you had a great time and the chance to meet these cool people (^o^)
    the pankcakes seems very yuummy (*O*) so sad i cant eat food like that for now (TT___TT)
    all the pics are very cool o(≧∀≦)oo(≧∀≦)o !!!
    I hope we can meet at some An Cafe live sometime soon and hangout as well (^-^) ! !
    i was nice to read the Summer Dive entries!

    1. Thank you!! o(≧∀≦)o
      Ooh, I hope you can eat yummy food again soon (>_<)

  5. it's awesome!!
    i love all things about an cafe

    in the facebook summary they showed us some strange pics of them doing a comedy show xD (i guess)
    how was it? beacuse there was a photo of teruki doing something with a black notebook or something like that xDD

    1. Thank you!!! o(≧∀≦)o
      Ah, that was an MC! They played a little comedy where they were pirates. It resembled One Piece! In fact, in the beginning, they put the first part of the first One Piece opening (when Gold Roger talks) hahaha! Teruki was "the doctor". Everybody was hungry but Yuuki couldn't cook anything because Takuya hadn't fished anything that day haha! Also, the "Gold Roger voice" told them that there were only 4 humans in among them but, in fact, they were 5...! Miku "checked" everybody's "private parts" and when it was Yuuki's turn, Miku said "ooooh, this can't be a human!!!!" hahahahahaha! It was very funny!

  6. Ohhh qué pena que haya terminado! Pero lo he pasado muy bien leyendo *-* Muchas gracias por compartirlo!! Casi parecía que hubiéramos estado allí jaja
    Me encanta porque hay muchas fotos de reencuentros, con gente que solo puedes encontrar allí, se os ve felices :3
    Y solo hace falta ver la de regalitos que te llevaste! Realmente te valoran mucho, es muy bonito *-*

    Por cierto! La chica de la primera foto parece sacada de un manga :3 jaja

    Que pases un buen día!(^^)/

    1. Muchas gracias a ti por leerlo!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

      Me hizo mucha ilusión ver a todo el mundo y aprecio mucho los regalos que me dieron. Son cosas muy bonitas! Pero el motivo principal de porqué me gustan es porque me los dieron todas estas personas importantes para mi (^_^)

      Sii, Sayuri (la chica de la primera foto) era muy simpática y su estilo era muy bonito (^O^)

      Muchas gracias! Igualmente!! (^ω^)ノ

  7. I've enjoyed reading your Summer Dive entries, it seems like you had lots of fun at the Summer Dive.

    Hopefully, you can see more An Cafe concerts in the future!


    1. Thanks for reading all the entries about Summer Dive o(≧∀≦)o
      Yes, I hope I can see them again in the future (*^O^*)

  8. Ohhh, it's so cool you could finally meet with Ryu! (*^∀^*) The presents he gave you are very nice! I've never listened to SKE, to be honest(´><`)Could you recommend some of their songs?
    It's also great you could meet some other friends and the members of Spyralcall, of course! o(^▽^)o Hopefully you can meet all of them again in the near future!

    1. Thank you! I was really happy to meet him (*^ω^*)
      Oh, I like several SKE songs! For example Ashiteraburu, Banzai Venus, Okidoki, Pareo wa emerarudo (emerald), Kataomori Finally, Hanikami lollipop and more! You can watch some of their MVs on their youtube channel, like "1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku" or "Gomen ne, SUMMER" (^ω^)

  9. Holaaa!!

    me sigue encantando lo bien que te lo pasaste! y lo que te dije de tu madre, qué suerte, siempre quiere irse ella contigo?no quiere tu padre?
    perdona que sea tan preguntona!!
    los pancakes tienen una pinta estupenda!!estaban rellenos de algo?
    se nota que aprovechaste muy bien allí tus días y que viste a un montón e personas y de amigos =D
    siempre me da no sé qué cuando puedo volver a ver a alguien después de tanto tiempo.

    1. Holaaaa! Muchas gracias \(^O^)/
      Mi padre normalmente se queda porque está en el paro y nunca sabe cuando le va a salir trabajo (>.<)
      Los pancakes no tenían nada dentro pero estaban muy buenos!! (^Q^)
      Siii, es muy bonito poder ver a amigos que viven lejos (*^^*)

  10. うっわぁぁぁぁぁおいらの顔がwwww

    1. コメントありがとう☆(*^O^*)


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