Gets, letter, presents☆

This is a photo I took last year in Japan↑

Some days ago Teruki went to the “real K-ON school”. I was happy (*´pq`) Last year I sent a photo of this school to Teruki through Twitter. Teruki got surprised, replied to me and retweeted my tweet! (*・θ・´)(*・θ・´)(*・θ・´) (Here you can see the entry I wrote at that time→ http://punk-cupcakes.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-post.html )That’s why I got happy when I came to know that Teruki finally went there! I don’t know if you can understand what I mean but I was very glad (*´ `*) 
先日輝喜さんはけいおんの本当の学校に行った。私は嬉しかった(*´pq`)去年私は輝喜さんにツイッターでこの学校の写真を送った。輝喜さんは私のツイートを見たら、びっくりして、 リプしてくれて、私のツイートをリツイートしてくれました!(*・θ・´)(*・θ・´)(*・θ・´) (その時に書いた日記です→ http://punk-cupcakes.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-post.html )それで先日輝喜さんはやっとけいおんの学校に行ったので、私は嬉しくなったよ!皆さんはこの気持ちが分かるかどうか分からないけど、私は本当に幸せだった(*´ `*)

Today I received Ashley’s letter from Holland! \(^o^)/The other photo is a pair of headbands that my mother bought me (^O^) They’re sparkling☆

Today I also got another thing (ノ)>∀<(ヾ) More fuwa fuwa clay! ☆ I plan to do a lot of accesories with it(p`ω´q)


  1. Saraaaah!! com estàs?? et trobo a faltar!! perdona el sms rancio i mal escrit, és que portava guants posats del cosplay i ho vaig escriure malament i ho vaig enviar abans de temps jajajaja déu meu xD

    Com va tooot? t'he d'explicar moltes coseeees!!! i donar-te els regals d'aniversari of course!!

    tot beeee! espero que sii :DD

    Un petó enorme Saraaah! i una abraçada més gran encara ofioedyhfoidh <3<3<3

    1. Holaaa!! ☆
      Sii, doncs diga'm quins dies et van bé i quedem! o(^-^)o
      Oooh, com va anar el cosplay?
      Una abraçadaaa!♪

  2. Wow real k-on school? Amazing! The clay colors are so cute~ What are you going to make?

    1. I still don't know what I'm going to make with the clay haha
      I'm think about it (*・∀・*)
      I will try to make cute stuff (*^ω^*)ノ

  3. Your outfits look very cute and nyappy o(≧∀≦)o
    It's great that he went to the real K-On school! Must've been great (^O^)/ When you go to Japan again, will you visit it as well?
    The headbands are very cute!
    Fuwa fuwa clay seems fun! I've seen many examples with this clay on the Internet and the donuts and biscuit ones are my favourites (・ω・*) I can't wait to see some of your new creations☆

    1. Thanks!☆
      It would be great to visit K-ON school one day in the future (and more nice places! haha)
      I will try to make cute things with fuwa fuwa clay (^O^)ノ

  4. Holaaaa!!!!
    me encantan las fotos!!

    las últimas me hacen mucha gracia! es en japón no?
    me gusta el paisaje con las bicis y eso jajaja.
    Jo, ahora un montón de gente tiene lo de fuwa fuwa...enseñarás algo??
    muchas gracias por los ánimos con el viaje!!
    estoy nerviosísima!! >.<

    1. Gracias!!
      Sí, las hice en Japón (^∀^)
      Cuando tenga tiempo libre quiero hacer muchas cosas con fuwa fuwa clay. Ya subiré fotos \(^o^)/

  5. Replies
    1. You're welcome!(^^)
      and thanks for your comment☆

  6. Hello~ ♫
    あなたは日本に行ったことが多いですか?~ :o if you have I'm SO jealous ! x - x
    I still haven't been... > <'
    & you also have a penpal? I love writing letters n.n
    That clay looks irresistible! the colours are perfect! *-*
    thank you for following!! よろしく~!☆ミ

    1. Hello☆
      Thanks for your comment (^ω^)
      I've been to Japan 3 times. I hope you can go there soon!!
      はい、お手紙を書くのが好きですよ☆I also like receiving them haha (^O^)

  7. Cuando se trata de Japón, siguiente por favor ven a Nagoya.
    Aconsejo. Y tomando fotos encantadoras.

    1. リュウさん、コメントありがとう(*^ω^*)Gracias☆


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