Hello! How are you? I'm a little busy because of university. I have exams and so on. Anyway, I'm really looking forward kanon×kanon live and tea party☆ It's already this month and the Europe Tour has already started! So nappy! o(≧∀≦)o

This week Miku talked about the Cafekko Book on twitter. Have you seen his tweet? It's this one→ http://twitter.com/#!/mikuppy/status/132827885261160448 I have already talked about the Cafekko Book on my blog. Riku and Hamatteru are the ones who make it but Nana also used to be one of their creators. Now Hamatteru draws all the covers! It's a very interesting fanzine. They talked about An Cafe and cafekko. I appeared on the Cafekko Book of May. I was very happy!o(≧∀≦)o
今週みくさんはツイッターにカフェっ仔BOOKについて書いたね。もう見たの?このツイートです→ http://twitter.com/#!/mikuppy/status/132827885261160448 もうあたしはこのブログにカフェっ仔BOOKについて書いた。覚えるの?(^O^)りくさんと濱っ輝ちゃんはカフェっ仔BOOKを作る。昔にななちゃんも作っていた。本当に面白い雑誌ですよ☆あたしは5月号に出る。本当に嬉しかったよo(≧∀≦)o

Yesterday I went to Barcelona with my parents.We went to have lunch at the restaurant I always go with friends. I took photos of everyone's food. Everything was very good and yummy (*´ω`*)

Today I got up at 7 to see Teruki at Viju☆Love☆Cafe (。-ω-)zzz. . . (。゚ω゚) ハッ!. The quality of the image was very high! (*☆θ☆*)The ustream and nico nico's quality image is always much lower, isn't it?
今日は午前7時に起きた(。-ω-)zzz. . . (。゚ω゚) ハッ!w☆輝喜さんはViju☆Love☆Cafeの番組に出たから☆イメージはめっちゃ良かったね!(*☆θ☆*)ユーストのサイトとニコニコのサイトのイメージより良いでしょう?


  1. Owwwh Yuki from MSI is on the last pic too *___* But he wasn't there or?
    And the cafekko book looks really amazing. Can you may tell me, what this book is about? It's a fanbook right? looks very awesome <3

  2. Oh wow, congratulation ^.^b
    Too bad that the fanzine is just black and white :s - but i know, colored versions would have been more expensive ~.~°

    ♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

  3. AHHH TAKOYAKI <3 I love those so much! :D the food pictures looks so good right now. ;__; I'm craving for some japanese style cuisine. grats on the book =)~

  4. Hola!
    y me paso volado!
    tengo mucho que hacer, pero bueno, si no luego se me acumulan muchos blogs.
    Así que hoy no me he dedicado demasiado a leerlo en inglés...lo siento.
    La comida me encanta!! lo de atún, creo, lo de color rojo oscuro me encantaba, sabía genial.
    Y cómo no, que no falte el helado de matcha XD

  5. y sacrilegio!! se me ha pasado decirte que me encanta el takoyaki!!!!
    que si no me equivoco son las bolitas no?
    me gustan muchisímooo
    qué antojo tengo de ellas ahora XD

  6. Gràcies pel comentari a tu també ^^! [Ja t'he respòs al meu blog xDD].

    Molts cops he sentit a parlar del matcha però no l'he provat mai xDD té bona pinta!

    I quina sort que surtis al Cafekko Book, ole!

  7. omg food :3 I love food like its the one thing i can eat and eat and eat.
    Check out my blog and hopefully follow? :3


  8. Wow, it's so great that you appeared on the Cafekko Book o(≧∀≦)o おめでとう!!
    I really want to have it as well, but I don't know how to buy it from Hamatteru (>_<)
    The food looks delicious!
    It seems like this video with Teruki was really fun to watch! Unfortunately I missed it because my Internet didn't work properly ((;_;)) Someone uploaded it on YouTube but I can't watch it because it's on private orz
    kanon×kanon live and tea party is coming very cose! I also can't wait o(≧∀≦)o o(≧∀≦)o

  9. ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→ That photo is from when they did a special concert in Sendai (^-^) The Cafekko Book is a fanzine made by some cafekko. There're photos of cafekko, surveys and information about An Cafe members in it.

    Jasmin→It's in black&white but it's very nice o(^-^)o

    LOVE LIGHT→Thanks! Takoyaki is great (≧▽≦)

    Sandra→Sí, el takoyaki es genial (*^o^*)

    Aly-Tenjô→ Gràcies! Sí, està molt bo el matcha (^-^)

    Sally→Thanks for your comment o(^-^)o

    Yuzu→What a pity that you couldn't watch that program! (>_<) Yeah, kanon×kanon live and tea party is getting closer (≧▽≦)ワーイ


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