Happy New Year!!! ☆ I met some friends in Barcelona (^ω^)

As this is the first entry of 2016... HAPPY NEW YEAR〜〜ଘ꒰◍ॢ•ᴗ•◍ॢ꒱༌✩

Last week I met some friends (Angel and Ida) and we went to eat some ramen *\(^o^)/* I had ramen twice at the same restaurant last week hahaha ꒰⑅°͈꒳°͈꒱
先週友達のアンヘルさんとイダちゃんと一緒にラーメンを食べに行ったよ*\(^o^)/*実は先週同じラーメン屋に2回行ったw ꒰⑅°͈꒳°͈꒱

We also wanted to go to Usagui Cafe but we didn't check their Facebook page and when we arrived…  we saw that they were on holiday (꒦ິ⌑꒦ີ) orz

Anyway, we went to Ochiai later and we ate some delicious Japanese sweets ˖∙˚+\(˚▾˚ )/ˣ+.゚ I got a yummy matcha croissant and a hot matcha latte ☆
でも、オチアイという日本料理のお菓子屋さんに行ったよ˖∙˚+\(˚▾˚ )/ˣ+.゚抹茶ラテも抹茶クロワッサンもめっちゃ美味しかったよ☆

I got some souvenirs from Angel that he had bought in Berlin and Hiroshima ☆ Thank you!!! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

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