Hoshino Café and Candye Syrup ☆

Last September I visited Hoshino Café in Harajuku ☆ I had been to their café in Roppongi but I was very happy when I saw that they are in Harajuku now, too (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾

I also went to the new shop Candye Syrup in Shimokitazawa ( o・ω・)o There used to be a hairdresser’s there before but as they moved to Harajuku, the old premises have become a shop for subculture items ☆
あの日にも、下北沢にあるCandye Syrupというお店を見に行ったよ( o・ω・)o昔このお店は美容院だったけど、最近美容院は原宿に引っ越したので、前の場所はお店になった〜〜☆サブカルチャーの物とか売っている☆

I bought these stickers there (*`ゝ∇・´*)

I happened to meet Iku by chance in Harajuku, the owner of this shop and the new hairdresser’s, too (^ω^)/


  1. Les enganxines son super gracioses!! jaja Quin lloc més xulo i més curiós!

  2. Hello. I like to know if this is a hairdresser or shop or both .. I love going to the store or there senanan but I know if it is ... And to address this is to harajuku ?


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