KAWAII BOX + Giveaway ☆

Kawaii Box people were so kind to send me a Kawaii Box to review and I would like to show you all the cute things I got (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Thank you very much!!!!! Everything was so well wrapped, even the wrapping paper had the logo on it. You can get your Kawaii Box or buy different items separately on these webs ♪ If you get a subscription for Kawaii Box, you’ll get several things like stationery or snacks in a surprise box!!

These are all the things I got ฅ(๑ºั╰╯ºั๑)ฅ

These are some cute stickers and heart shaped nail flakes ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ 

I used the nail flakes when I did my nails and they were very easy to work with (^ω^)

I received some Meiji DIY Sushi gummies, a cute mini pouch and some nice envelopes, too o(^▽^)o

They also sent me another pretty pouch, a pen that looks like a lollipop and a real lollipop that looks like a little pink poop hahaha(´▽`)!!!!

(o ´∀`o)

Another thing I got was this stamp set!!! I like it very much, too ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Both the designs and the colour of the ink are great (*n´ω`n*)

Finally, this awesome fluffy bunny was also included!!! It’s super kawaii haha (*´ ˘ `*)
最後に、フワフワなうさぎちゃんも送ってくれました!!とっても可愛いーーーー笑(*´ ˘ `*)

Kawaii Box staff are holding a Giveaway!! You can participate from here if you want to. You can get a Kawaii Box for free if you happen to be the winner ٩( •௰• )۶
今カワイイボックスのスタッフさんはギブアウェーをやっています☆!!参加して当たる人が 無料でカワイイボックスをもらうと思います٩( •௰• )۶

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