An Cafe ☆ SUMMER DIVE 2015 ☆

On 6th September I went to An Cafe concert Summer Dive in Hibiya park☆!! I believe this place is very important for the band and all the cafekko because it was there where they did their last concert with their former guitarist, Bou. The concert I went to was to celebrate their debut as a major band. The bad thing was that the weather wasn’t good and it was raining heavily during almost all the concert...! However, as the musical instruments where in a safe place they could play ♡ (*´▽`*)
9月6日に日比谷公園でアンカフェのサマダイ参戦した☆!!坊くんのラストライブもこのステージだったので、アンカフェとカフェっ仔にとってこの場所がとても大切だと信じている。今年のサマダイでみんなでアンカフェのメジャーデビューを祝った☆でも天気が全然良くなかったよ(笑)。大雨が強く降っていたけど、ライブはめっちゃ楽しかった♡メンバーさんは安全なところにいたので、ライブがうまくいった♡ (*´▽`*)

I was very lucky because I think my seat was quite good, it was really close to the stage ((o(。・ω・。)o))

They played new songs and old ones, also the new single, “Sen Nen DIVE!!!!! “. By the way, it was the first time I saw Nyappy-Kun! He was funny hahaha *.(๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓).*
新しい曲も昔の曲もセトリに入った☆もちろん新しいシングルの「千年 DIVE!!!!!」も聴けた。そういえば、初めて現実の世界でニャッピーくんを見たよ*.(๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓).*面白かったww

They said that this concert would be released on DVD so I’m looking forward to it (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡
このライブはDVDになりそうから、リリース楽しみにしている(੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡

These are some photos I got taken with some cafekko friends o(≧∀≦)o It was great to meet all of you. There were a lot of people that I wanted to meet but I couldn’t find… I hope we can meet next time! (´;ω;`)

You can put presents and letters in some boxes and then the staff give them to the members and that’s what I did (and what I always do haha). I was happy to see my letter on Miku’s blog when he uploaded pictures of all the letters he had got! ꉂ٩(๑⃙⃘˃̶ω˂̶๑⃙⃘)◞

This is the BondS towel from this Summer Dive and some of the confetti they shot at the end of the concert (♡´∨`)ノ

Also, thanks for all the presents, sweets and letters!!! Everyone was so kind (ノ)*´꒳`*(ヾ) 

I’m looking forward to the next An Cafe concert o(≧∀≦)o


  1. AnCafe is so cool! It's lovely that you go to see them live. ^__^


    1. Yes, they're awesome!! Thank you so much *.(๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓).*

  2. Since AnCafe have been active for so long I always assumed they already made their major debut. I'm surprised to learn that wasn't the case haha. Hope you had a good time there! ^_^
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. They made their major debut this year (^O^)/
      Yes, it was great!! Thank you very much (ᕯ˙ᗨ˙ᕯ)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!!!! ٩(⑅•ω•⑅)۶


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