Last summer I got this photo with this AKB Pachinko notice in Tokyo's undergound! haha ( ゚ω゚)
今年の夏に、東京の地下鉄駅でこのAKBのパチンコのポスターと一緒に写真を撮った( ゚ω゚)笑

I got a tag from Dizzy! ☆ Thank you very much (^ω^)♪I have to write 7 things about me. Ok! I’ll do my best (*`・ω・´* ) haha ↓ 
Dizzyちゃんにブログタグをもらった☆ありがとう(^ω^)♪このタッグのお願いは「自分についての事を7つ教えてください」です。了解!頑張る(*`・ω・´* )w↓

1☆I don’t add sugar into coffee and tea♪

2☆I daydream a lot when I have free time haha! I like remembering good memories and think about things I want to do (*・ω・*)

3☆I don’t watch TV very often but I like watching youtube.

4☆When I go shopping with some friends, I don't usually buy anything because I want to save money to go to Japan again (*^▽^*)/

5☆I haven’t ridden a bike again since the day I learnt how to ride a bike haha

6☆I like some kind of trousers but I usually wear skirts. I really like wearing skirts☆!!!

7☆The first thing I do when I come back home is switching my laptop (´ω`)

In the end the tag turned into this strange list haha I’m sorry! However, thanks for reading it (^ω^) By the way, in case you want to know something about me, just write your question in a comment. I’ll try to answer it! (p゚∀゚q)☆


  1. I read that you took the JLPT again this year☆お疲れ様でした! I hope you've passed it(*^ω^*)
    The facts were interesting to read! Since I've been tagged as well, I'll also try to write some facts soon(´∀`)
    In Holland it's very common to travel by bike so I always have to go to school by bike, even when it's snowing(´><`)haha

    1. Thank you!
      Oh! I'll read your list of facts ☆
      I saw a lot of bicycles when I went to Holland when I was little (・ω・)

  2. Ohh las AKB48! Mucha gente me dijo que en Japón estaban por muchos lados :P jaja
    Yo la verdad... no las escucho mucho xD ni a las Morning Musume... hay taaantas canciones que me pierdo! Pero bueno, hay una de las Morning Musume que recuerdo que me gustó~ La de "One, two, three", creo que se llamaba ^^

    Ohh! No le pones azúcar? Qué curioso! Yo siempre me paso echándole al café... jajaja
    No me gusta mucho que sepa amargo >u<
    Debería beber más té~ solo probé uno marronoso (no recuerdo de qué era xD) en el instituto y no he vuelto a beber.

    Qué suerte que puedas ahorrar para Japón *-* Yo aún sigo pensando de qué trabajar en verano... jaja

    Que pases un buen puente! (^^)/

    1. Sí, es verdad! Están en todas partes ( ゚∀゚) haha
      De Morning Musume he escuchado muy poco pero de AKB sí que me gustan varias canciones ☆

      No me gusta mucho la comida muy dulce por lo general (o´ェ`) hahaha

      No sé cuando podré volver a ir pero siempre es mejor ir ahorrando para cuando llegue la ocasión (^^)

  3. My cousin love AKB48 and they are really popular at the moment, aren't they? Do you like them?

    Your outfit is really nice, especially the skirt. I think I already said this before LOL. The facts were very interesting.

    I haven't ridden a bike for many years now, I really want to buy one but really nices are expensive :'( I think though, if you learn to cycle, you won't ever forget it, even if you don't cycle for a long time. :)

    1. It's true, they're very popular! I like some of their songs (^ω^)♪
      Thank you very much!!★
      I hope I won't forget itヽ(;▽;)ノ hahaha

  4. i was tagged too LOL!
    the facts are really nice! haha i enjoy watching youtube better than watching TV actually there aren't many good programs...whatever!

    umm...i don't like AVB48 very much...umm..they are cute but they change a lot the memebers and sometimes the songs are too popish for me...i prefer the jrock ^^

    1. Thank you!

      I like J-rock and some AKB songs, too. I like different kinds of music within Japanese music; I also listen to some J-ska bands, for example (^ω^)

  5. The pics are very nice!
    i dont watch much tv either but it's because of my career haha!
    i havent ride a bike either i hope i didnt forgot how to do it hahaha
    it was cool to read facts seems like the tags was very cool
    it helps we all to know each other even common things (^^)

    1. Thank you!!
      Feel free to do the tag on your blog if you like it (^v^)

  6. Holaaa~
    sí, supongo que al final no hace falta que te lo conteste por facebook, no? XD
    tardó bastante, algo más de un mes desde que te lo pregunté por privado, lo tuvimos que dejar pasar y ya ves, curiosamente qatar sacó una oferta rebajando los precios de sus vuelos y compramos!
    estaba un poco nerviosa pensando en que tendría que quedarme allí a hacer escala yo sola...
    dime por favor que no te gustan las AKB48 XD
    yo las detesto con toda mi alma...

    1. Por cierto...sobre lo de salir y no comprar puedo entenderte perfectamente y sé el esfuerzo que supone...hay mucha gente que no lo entiende o que piensa que e dinero crece en los árboles, no sé a ti, pero para mi es un esfuerzo y me privo de muchas cosas.

    2. Holaaa!

      Ya no hace falta hahaha, hablamos por aquí (^ω^)
      No soy una experta de AKB48 pero sí que me gustan varias de sus canciones☆ ¿Por qué las detestas?

      Sí, para mi también es un esfuerzo pero vale la pena (^O^)ノ

  7. Thank you so much for doing it!☆
    I think your 'about me' is really interesting! (≧ω≦)

    I don't wear skirts, I guess I have no skirts since my... 8th grade? I don't remember, but I absolutely want to start dressing them again (^-^;)
    I'm a lot like you in 2 and 3 ( ゚ー゚)
    And 7 (笑)

    1. Thanks for nominating me! (☆^ー^☆)
      I'm glad we have these things in common (^O^)
      I hope you can find some nice skirts soon ♪

  8. Ooh AKB48 :D
    Have you ever gone to one of their concerts ^_^?
    Also I really like that outfit! Especially that amazingly cute skirt

    1. No, I haven't (><) haha! but I like some of their songs (^-^)
      Thank you very much!!! ☆ミ

  9. oh, I ❤ listen flavor. my first "slightly" expensive thing, which I bought in tokyo was a cute watch from their harajuku store ^.^ interesting facts about you. I imagined you to be be a "sugar-in-coffee" type, tho' ^0^/

    1. I also have a watch from Listen Flavor! haha (^ω^)
      I like seeing cute food like candy and cakes but in fact, I don't usually eat sweet food. However, I like waffles, ice cream and chocolate!☆ hahaha

  10. Love this outfit,want black overknees too <3

    1. Thank you!!
      I hope you can find black socks soon! (^-^)


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