11 facts☆

I received this tag from Nadia. In fact, I’ve received tags from several people but I haven’t answered all of them. I’m sorry, sometimes they’re difficult to answer. Anyway, as all these tags are similar to each other, I would like to answer this one for everyone who tagged me in the past or for the ones who just want to know more things about me. So please, read it m(_ _)m
ナディアちゃんにこのタッグをもらった☆実はたくさんの人にもらったタッグを答えなかった。ごめん、時々答えるのは難しいんです。全部のタッグはとても同じですから、みんなのためにこのタッグを答えたよ☆だから読んでくださいねm(_ _)m 

 ☆Facts about me ☆私についての事

 1-★I love studying East Asian Studies (Japanese) at university. However, I think that everyone knows this by now ahaha ( ´∀` )
大学で東アジア研究(日本語)を勉強してます 。勉強している事が大好きですよ☆でも多分もう皆さんはこれを知っていたね( ´∀` ) 笑 

2-★ I like it when boys that I consider handsome wear glasses (´艸`*)ahaha

3-★I usually like things that are difficult to get (-ω-) but I don’t do it on purpouse! It just happens this way…
私が欲しい物がいつも見つけにくいです。なぜか分からない (-ω-) 

4-★My favourite character of Sailor Moon is Sailor Star Fighter (Seiya)☆

 5-★ Thanks to An Cafe I’ve met a lot of nice people o(≧∀≦)o

 6-★During summer I drink matcha frapuccino and on cold days, matcha latte ( ´∀` ) ♪
夏に抹茶フラペチーノを飲んで、寒い日に抹茶ラテを飲む( ´∀` ) ♪ 

 7-★I like my life☆

 8-★I can’t sleep on planes orz

9-★When my family and friends are happy, I’m also happy\(^o^)/

10-★I like kaomoji very much! \(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)/ They’re so cute ahaha
カオモジが大好き〜!\(▽ ̄\( ̄▽ ̄)/ ̄▽)/めっちゃ可愛いんですね(笑) 

11-★I often check this web→ (http://tokyofashion.com/ ) because I love Japanese fashion, especially Harajuku fashion.
時々このサイトを見る→(http://tokyofashion.com/ )日本のファッションが好きなんです☆特に原宿ファッションが大好き。

 ☆Questions from Nadia ☆ナディアちゃんからの質問 

 1-♪Do you have any pets?ペットを飼ってますの? 
Yes, I have a cat called Green.

 2-♪What’s your job /what jobs have you got?仕事は何ですか? 
I don’t work now. I worked last July and I hope I can do it again this year. It was just a summer bait.

 3-♪When you were a child, what was your dreamt job?子供の時にどんな仕事が欲しかったの? 
When I was a child I wanted to be a mangaka and I still really like drawing but I’m not as good to become one. Anyway, it would be great to draw a doujinshi again in the future!

 4-♪How did you celebrate your last birthday?今年のバースデーパーティーはどうだったの? 
I celebrated with my family and also, another day, with some friends. I also got birthday messages from people that I appreciate and live far from me. A lot of people spent some time to tell me “happy birthday”, so I was very happy(*´ω`*)

5-♪Do you drink alcohol?お酒を飲むの? 
No, I don’t. ううん、飲まない。 

6-♪Show us a photo from your childhood.子供の時に撮った写真を見せてください。

 7-♪What is your favourite dessert?一番好きなデザートは何ですか? 
I like a lot of desserts! I like coulant, ice-cream, crepes, mochi…Anyway, some of these aren’t desserts but I suppose you can eat them as if they were! ahaha

 8-♪Where were you born? Where would you like to live your last days?どこに生まれたの?未来どこに住んでみたいの? 
I was born in Spain. I would like to live in Japan after university☆

 9-♪Would you like to live in another period? Why? 他の時代に住んでみたかったの?どうして? 
I like living in this period because the people I love live now, too.

10-♪What was the last film you see? Do you recommend it?最近映画を見たの?オススメするの? 
The last film I watch was “The Hunger Games”, I like it! ☆
「The Hunger Games」を見た。面白かったよ☆

 11-♪If you could make a wish, what it would be?もし夢をお願ったら、何をお願うの?
 I would like to live a lot of nice moments from now on, too o(≧∀≦)o


  1. oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis quina nena mes maca! ^^ no havia vist mai com eres de petita *O*

  2. Holaaa!!
    no lo he leído todo, no sé por qué en inglés me da un poco más de pereza, perdoooón, además de que hoy no sé por qué no dejaba de traducirse solo aunque yo lo colocase en el idioma original...
    adoro a tu gataaa!!es gata o gato?
    el mío se murió hace un poco TT_______TT
    (creo que lo habías visto en mi blog pero bueno)así que ando falta de gatos.
    Y aunque me lo habías dicho, creo, te entiendo, eso de no poder dormir en los aviones, me pasa igual!
    no sé por qué...sin embargo esta vez cuando volvía, ya en coche...me quedaba dormida hasta con la cabeza colgando, pero no sé qué tienen los aviones...
    ah!! y gracias de nuevo por lo del examen noken!!
    siempre razono que se empieza con el 1 y de ahí hacia arriba más difícil, como en el colegio, instituto...
    y qué rabia que no se puedan hacer dos niveles...aunque tiene su lógica.

    1. Es un gato (^・ω・^=)~
      Siento que se muriera tu gato (>_<)...
      Me alegro que pudieras dormir cuando volviste!! (^-^)

  3. Gracias por contestarlo :D, es interesante saber un poco más de ti ♥

    1. Gracias!!☆ (^-^) Fue divertido responderlo o(≧∀≦)o

  4. Those facts were very interesting to read (^O^)/
    Your cat looks so cute! And you also looked very cute when you were younger☆
    I've also met a lot of nice people thanks to An Cafe, like you for example o(≧∀≦)o

  5. Que guai aquesta foto del Green!! :D Sembla que estigui picant l'ullet, jajaja :3
    Molt maques les fotos de petita :)

    Per cert! Gràcies per comentar al blog, t'he respòs allà a lo del fimo XDD.

    1. Gràcies!! o(^-^)o
      Aah, sí, vale! Ara he vist la resposta ahahaha ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Doncs també hi ha fimo que es posa al forn però crec que és més fàcil de treballar amb aquest que fem servir nosaltres...ahaha (^^)

  6. Awww, your younger pictures are really cute ▼・ェ・▼
    I also like glasses guys, haha, but the hair is my weak point (笑)

    1. Thank you!! (*´▽`)
      Yes, that's true, hair is also very important! (o゚3゚b)b ahahaha

  7. Wowww! I really like cute guys in glasses too! Huhuhu. You look so cute when you were young! : D I couldn't tell that you are in uni, you look so young!

    1. Thank you!! (*´▽`*) You're very kind☆

  8. i cant sleep on planes eitherrr!!!

    1. Oooh (;o;)!! I would like to be able to sleep on planes! Then the journeys would seem shorter (´▽`)


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