I love you☆

The following morning after the meeting my mother and I met Ana Sora and Silvia in the underground. Then we went all together to the Shinjuku station to meet Manami and Yukirun (ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ Yukirun and Manami gave me some biscuits and Yukirun also gave me the letter I've already shown in the meeting post☆ Thank you!!o(^▽^)o
7日にライブに行った。まず母とあたしはアナちゃんとシルビアちゃんと会った。それから愛美ちゃんとゆきるんと会った(ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ愛美ちゃんとゆきるんにビスケットをもらった。そしてゆきるんに手紙ももらった☆ありがとう!o(^▽^)o←もらった手紙の写真をオフ会のエントリにあるね☆

I took this photo on the train with Silvia and Yukirun. All of us were wearing Teruki's ring haha (*^θ^*)

We went all to Kawaguchi because the concert took place there♪We arrive quite early in order to be able to see the musicians when they were arriving at the live house☆When we arrived there were already some people waiting for them (・∀・)
一緒に西川口のLIVE HOUSE Heartsに行った♪早く着いたから、バンドのメンバーを見ることができた☆ライブハウスに着いたら、もう人はあそこでバンドのメンバーを楽しみにしていた(・∀・)

We could see the members of the bands walking around so many times and we could also meet, by chance, Hideki from Spyralcall (^ω^) We spent the day in front of the live hall and going to the convini. Silvia bought us some ice creams there. I ate a watermelon ice-lolly. It was very yummy! Thank you! (^O^)/


It was a special concert because of the summer so the people had been encouraged to wear yukata and jinbei but I didn't wear any of them. Yukirun and Manami wore jinbei and Moemii (who came later) wore yukata. Silvia wore a Teruki cosplay!


Then my mother, Yukirun, Ana, and I went to have lunch at McDonalds. Silvia arrived later and she gave me a present. It was a K-ON manga. Thank you! (*^▽^*)

In McDonalds we spent the time talking about the bands we like, about Teruki haha, K-ON and many other things. Yukirun showed me some photos of the cafekko from Nagoya. I want to meet them one day! o(≧∀≦)o

↑With Yukirun↑

The concert itself was very nice!! All the bands were very good. There was a room were the members of the bands were selling food (because it was a special concert as I said) and then there was another room where the bands played. You could go from one room to another whenever you wanted to. The people were very respectful (^ω^) The people who were wearing jinbei or yukata received a yoyo. Manami was so kind and she gave me hers!! Thank you, Manami!!(*^o^*)

As there were so many bands, the concert lasted 4 hours!! Moemii arrived later with a big bag. It was Hamatteru's present! Inside the bag there was the letter and the drawing that I showed you in the meeting entry and a box with yummy food inside. Thank you, Hamatteru and Moemii!(≧▽≦)

After the concert there was a contest where you could win some special items from the bands but I didn't win anything haha. Then Manami introduced me to the members of her favourite band, KCB! They were all very kind and friendly. I could take some photos with them and they signed me the CD that I had bought. The CD that Manami had given me the previous day was also signed! Thank you, Manami and KCB!o(^▽^)o We took the photos after the concert so I don't look very well on them (;ω;) haha Anyway, the members look cool!(^ε^)♪

The signed CD (^-^) . I also bought some badges of KCB because I really liked their music and I think they were super kind when I met them! (^ω^)

I also bought the Spyralcall towel and one of their CDs. Teruki was the support drummer when they recorded that CD (*^θ^*)

Then we went back to the hotel/home☆ 

↑My mother☆Sarah☆Ana↑

We got on the same train but then we all had to  get off the train but Moemii. So we had to say "goodbye" to her (´・ω・`) We got off the train and we kept waving our hands until Moemii's train had gone away and we couldn't see her anymore (;_;)


Then, while we were walking inside the train station, Yukirun took my right hand and then Manami took my left hand. We walked together all the way until we had to say goodbye. Before that moment we hugged each other and said "I love you"☆
それから、新宿の駅の中で歩いたら、ゆきるんはあたしの右の手を取った。そして愛美ちゃんは左の手を取って、一緒に歩いた。「またね」と言う前にみんなと抱きしめて、「I love you」と言った☆

Thank you!! I love you all!。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。


  1. You're so lucky that you could take a picture with the KCB members and get their autographs ★ I haven't heard KCB's music before but I'll make sure to listen to them.
    You received very nice and cute presents (´・ω・`) Your friends are so kind!
    I think your bag with the skull on it is really cute, I want it too, haha (*>ω<*)

  2. Omg, the last part where you all held hands and had to depart ... made me feel so sad!! ;___; As I read this article (had to read the one before to understand better) I started to get really into it. I hope you'll see them again! <333 Looks like you had an amazing time! ^-^

  3. Oh! que monas*---* ♥
    la verdad es que tuvo que ser una gran ocasión para practicar tu japonés no?^^
    tiene que ser genial poder conocer a unas amigas de tan lejos ^^!
    me alegro mucho <3
    haha me encantan las cosas que subes al blog*-*~
    y gracias! espero que las clases de chino me vayan bien^^

  4. Yuzu→Thank you!o(≧∀≦)o Yes, everyone was so kind and lovely (●´ω`●) I think KCB music is very nice and happy☆ Oh, that bag is very old haha (‘ ∇‘ )

    P o o p e r→Thank you for your comment☆Yes, everyone made me feel so beloved. I really want to see all of them again in the future ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ

    アリス ♥→Gracias! Sí, todo el mundo fue tan simpático y bueno conmigo♪(*´∀`)

  5. サラちゃん!とても素敵なブログをありがとうございます。

    I LOVE YOU & LOVE NYAPPY dear サラちゃんo(≧З≦)o


  6. 濱っ輝→コメントありがとう♪(*´∀`)


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