OMG! I have more than 100 followers! Thank you very much!! I'm very happy☆All the comments and visits that  I get every day make me very happy, too☆All of you are very kindヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

See what I ate for breakfast some days ago!!↓↓↓ It's a waffle with banana, cream and chocolate!! So yummy---(^ε^)

Yesterday I saw Studio Blue-3 ustream (´∀`) It was very interesting!! Look at Kanon, he looks very handsome, doesn't he?(・ω・) In the second part of the UST they talked about the new animes that are being broadcast now. They even talk about Sekai ichi hatsukoi (^^)
昨日Studio Blue-3のユーストを見ました(´∀`)カノンさんを見て〜☆カッコイイね(・ω・)ユーストはとても面白かったよ!アニメや音楽の話しました(^^)世界一初恋のも話しました★よかった☆


  1. You have the same taste as me in clothes.(´ω`)
    Your fashion is very cute(^o^)☆


  2. Atsumi→ Thank you very much! o(≧∀≦)o

  3. Kanon ALWAYS is handsome! ♥
    I love your Blog ^-^

  4. Congrats with more than 100 followers! o(≧∀≦)o
    I really like your outfit, I love Listen Flavor clothing (too bad I don't own anything of them =_=) ♥
    I watched the ustream, too (^o^)/ I had to hurry to get home from school though, but I'm glad I made it on time ☆
    And I agree with you, Kanon's very handsome!

  5. Yay, and I'm ONE of your amazine followers XD haha .. *lucky*

    Awh your outfit is very cute today again <33 and I want your breakfast *___* it looks so yummy <3

  6. Leila→Thank you!(*´∀`*)Yes, "the penguin" always looks very cool! ( ´艸`)

    Yuzu→Thanks!! o(≧∀≦)o Yes, Listen Flavor is a very cool brand, isn't it?☆ I think ustreams are a very nice thing because it's like "hey! They are there NOW! They are making this video in real time, wooowwww!!!" hahaha. My favourite UST was the one that Ryu and Teruki did at Ryu's. It was epic☆

    ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→Thanks!(・∀・) Yes, that breakfast was delicious but I couldn't finish it because it was too quenching(´・ω・`)

  7. Congratulations on the 100+ followers!☆

    Those waffles look yummy (*q*)

    Unfortunately, i missed the ustream (;_;)but i agree kanon looks very handsome! ^^

  8. I adore your outfits! they are so cute gahh I just wanna hug you haha 8P

  9. Yes, I'd love to have some Listen Flavor clothing! ♥ I've seen a lot of things on their site which I want to have, but I barely understand any Japanese and so I don't know how to order from them, if they even take overseas orders TT_TT I saw that they sell Listen Flavor clothing on cdjapan, but it's so much more expensive ;_;
    Haha, I had the same feeling! It was only too bad that I didn't understand anything unless the maid said something on her twitter. (^o^)/ But in the end she barely posted anything.
    Unfortunately I missed that one! To be honest, this UST was the first I watched, I missed the others =_= But I'll make sure to watch if there will come other UST soon!

    Oh and, another question, hope you don't mind >_< Do you know if there will be any conventions such as Japan Weekend or so next year in january or february near Barcelona? 'Cause my grandparents will stay in a place close to Barcelona, so I might come over for a few days to visit them and it'd be nice if I could also go to an convention then ☆

  10. I love how Kanon is such an otaku and he doesn't give a crap about being one! haha ^^

  11. tsukushi→ Thank you!!(*^▽^*) Don't worry, you'll see Kanon in real life very soon (☆ω☆)

    RiA SPiRAL→Thank you!! You're very kind (/ω\)

    Yuzu→Listen Flavor don't sell overseas (;_;)! You need an intermediary to buy from them if you don't want to buy the clothes directly from CDJapan.☆ I don't know the exact date of the Japan Weekend next year (it changes a little every year). The best convention is Salon del Manga but it's in October-November(>_<)! Anyway, if there weren't any conventions, there are some nice shops related to Japan in Barcelona. I could give you their addresses if you want to (^ω^) Depending on the days you're here, we could meet one day! Anyway, there's still a lot of time left up till then! haha (^O^;)

    みか☆ちゃん→Yes! Kanon is the best otaku in the world----! haha( ´艸`)

  12. Thank you for your information! ♥ I'll check the site from Japan Weekend around that time, if they have one?
    Hmm well I have a vacation in October, so I could come then perhaps. Only problem is that my grandparents aren't in Spain then and hotel would be quite expensive >_< Oh well, I'll see. My birthday is in November, so it'd be anice birthday gift though (^O^)/
    And I'd really like to check out the stores! ☆ I've been in Barcelona once before, but it was really long ago (I was seven years or so), so I can't remember much of it, expect that there were a lot of markets xd (which was because we were in the tourist area, I guess)
    And I think that it would be really fun if we could meet! (´・ω・`)

  13. Yuzu→ This is the web of the Japan Weekend event but there's still no information about the one they'll do in 2012 http://www.japanweekend.net/barcelona/ (It's only in Spanish >_<)

    This is the web of Salon del Manga and Salon del Comic http://www.ficomic.com/ (There are various languages to choose from but there's more information in Spanish and Catalan >_<)

    This is Madame Chocolate shop. They have an online shop and a phisical one in Barcelona (^ω^) http://www.madamechocolat-shop.com/ They sell very cute clothes and accessories

    This is Akiba's facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=206155555575&v=wall They sell anime goods, Japanese magazines, clothes... and there's a purikura machine there

    There are many other shops! I can give you more information when the date gets nearer (*^O^*)

  14. arf hoy especialmente me pirra tu conjunto >3<! y ese gofre tiene una pinta que te muereee @w@

  15. ((*natsi*))→ Muchas gracias o(≧∀≦)o Sii, el gofre estaba muy bueno!

  16. Thanks for the links! My Spanish really isn't good but I understood a few things though (^O^)/ From what I've seen on the pictures, it looks really big and nice! And the prices were much cheaper than the conventions in The Netherlands! Here you pay around 15 euros and there isn't much to do. Supersmall building, not much to buy, you can't even find a place to buy some drinks or food, barely any shows and everything is very messy and unclear =_=
    The two shops look very nice as well ★ I think I should already save some money, haha (′・ω・`)
    And that's a good idea~ Maybe we could exchange something like our mail or msn adresses around that time, to stay in touch (*゚▽゚*)

  17. Not at all! You have such lovely outfit pictures and I love an cafe ^.^

  18. Yuzu→ The truth is that a lot of people thinks that event tickets are very expensive here but in the Netherlands are much more expensive! (・ω・;)

    This is my e-mail address: sarah_gb@hotmail.com

    I don't use msn very much but we can send e-mails (^-^)

    The Glass Princess→ Thank you very much! (*^O^*) An Cafe is great o(≧∀≦)o

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  20. Cute outfit!
    That waffle with bananas cream and chocolate are looking so good!<3

  21. MayClover→ Thank you! (^O^)

  22. ユーストはとても面白かったですね(*^_^*)


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